tck life // happy birthday jack!

Our baby boy is 3!

The eternal paradox when it comes to my kids’ birthdays: How is he already 3?! How is he only 3?!


Whatever the time has been, our lives were forever changed and improved when Jack entered the world. He is happy and loud and helpful and impossibly strong. He has more nicknames than I can count– Bud, Jack Man, Jackal, Jacky Boy, JPB, Little Prince… the list goes on. We had such a hard time picking his name and now he has a whole bunch to match his fun personality.

Here are a few of my favorite things about Jack Powell:

Even though Jack is my second child, I was more nervous to have him than I was to have Ella. It was a tough pregnancy and I was very scared about going from being a girl mom to a boy mom. But Jack has been such a joy in our family and I can’t believe I ever lived life without him. He’s the sweetest, dreamiest boy and I’m so lucky to be his Mama.

Happy Birthday Jack!




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