tck baby // gender reveal!

Drumroll please!

Are we adding to The Girl Gang or getting the newest member of The Good Dudes Club?


The next curated kid is going to be…




We are so, so excited! I felt from the beginning that we were having another girl but full disclosure: my last two guesses were both wrong. But I felt so strongly we were having another girl because this pregnancy has been exactly the same as Ella’s- horrible morning sickness, sensitive smell, same cravings, etc. But again, I have never been right before. So I was all anxious and scared heading to my appointment mainly because I just wanted to be right for once! It didn’t help that I had to go alone, due to Covid 19 guidelines. But the day finally came and I headed to my OB’s office. They took my temperature, gave me a mask, and took me into the dark and familiar ultrasound room. Even though I had to go to the appointment alone, I didn’t want to find out alone. So after checking the baby’s brain, heart, extremities, and other measurements (all good, thankfully!), I looked away while she found out the gender and she graciously put the ultrasound picture into an envelope. I couldn’t wait to get out of there!

Of course when I got home, Matthew was on a work call. So the kids and I waited anxiously in the living room for a million hours (it was probably closer to 7 minutes but not taking a peek was almost the hardest part of this pregnancy). Finally Matthew came down and we gave the envelope to Ella to read aloud to us.


She proudly declared, “Girl!” and I could hardly believe it. We’re having a girl! It’s been 5 years since we’ve had a baby girl and while I feel a little bit bad that Jack will be outnumbered, I’m excited for Ella to finally have a sister and to relive all the girly magic. And getting to watch Jack be a big brother to a sister is going to be the sweetest! He’s already such a good little brother to a sister.

And as soon as we found out, I ordered a little Maileg mouse to complete our family of 5!



Did you guess in my Instagram poll? Did you guess right? For once, I did! We just can’t wait to meet this little girl and add a third friend for these two.




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