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Welcome to Ella’s Peachy Keen bedroom!

We moved into this home almost a year ago and Ella’s room has been my main passion project. I wanted it to match her personality- sweet and fun and girly girly girly. I also wanted it to be whimsical, full of sentimental touches, functional, and easy to keep organized.


It’s taken a while to complete for a few reasons: finding the perfect pieces, waiting for good sales, and of course, I wanted to take Ella’s many, many opinions into account. It’s been mostly done for a while now; I was just waiting to pull the trigger on the wallpaper.

I’m not sure why I waited until I was 5 months pregnant to tackle that challenge but I’m so glad I did! I’ve never used removable wallpaper before and it was definitely hard to put up but I’m really happy with and even a little proud of how it turned out.

The main inspiration for Ella’s room is (obviously) our current home state, Georgia. She and Jack were born here and I was so relieved and happy to move back after our two year stint in North Carolina. In addition to the wallpaper, there’s a peach pillow and sheet set on her bed.


The main priority initially was to get Ella a big girl bed. I had a few I was considering (you can see the runners up here) but my true love was always this rose gold beauty.

We got the full size so she could keep it forever and her mattress and bedding are so comfortable!

I won’t name names but someone else in our house has definitely taken a nap or two in here. Just kidding, I will name names. It was my husband.

When choosing pieces for Ella’s room, I really wanted to create little displays. We’ve collected a lot of cute treasures and trinkets over the years and this nightstand was a great place to put some of them. Also the peachy keen artwork? Perfect for our peachy queen.


The other foundation piece in the room is her dresser. We brought that with us from North Carolina (a Craigslist find!) but I styled it a little differently for her big girl refresh.



I love whimsical touches and knickknacks so I had so much fun styling these hooks. There aren’t a ton of toys in here on purpose; it helps keep the room organized but Ella has a few favorite stuffed animals and books she likes to have in bed so having storage for those was key.

The other favorite play spot is this dollhouse. I cannot recommend this piece enough. It was a gift from Ella’s grandmother and both of my kids love it. It’s well made and you can fill it with whatever dollhouse accessories you want. We love the Maileg mice and decor especially, and we’ve even had fun decorating it for holidays in the past.


And for the wall decor, we kept it whimsical with the animal busts and personal with the name banner.



The most recent furniture addition is the vanity that my mom got Ella for Christmas and it was the perfect last girly touch.

Styling Ella’s room has been so much fun and it really is the essence of curated homemaking: finding different pieces to coordinate perfectly together to create one cohesive and magical space. Ella is going to do some important growing up in here and I really wanted to give her a beautiful room where her imagination can run wild and she can feel safe and loved. And what’s safer and lovelier than magic and whimsy?


Thanks so much for checking out the Peachy Keen room tour! If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments, I could seriously talk about this room all day every day. Now to get Jack’s room finished and baby girl’s nursery started!



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