tck diy // handmade paper ribbons

Ella’s graduation party prep is well underway! My favorite DIY so far is this fun paper award ribbon I made to display at the party.


Want to make some yourself? Here’s what you’ll need

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I made these printables to be the front of the ribbons. But you could also cut a circle from the cardstock and use whatever craft supplies you have on hand to decorate it. Stickers, buttons, or even pictures could work!


Once I cut out my printables, I cut circles out of card stock and taped them together.


Then I cut out strips of equal size, folded them back and forth (like my paper curtains) so they make tiny “M” shapes.


Now you’re going to do a lot of hot gluing. Hot glue the strips together to form a circle, then push down the center so you can hot glue the printable to the front.

Then hot glue your ribbon/trim to the back (I put a piece of card stock on the back to make this part easier) and voila! You’ve done it.


I love these because they’re really easy to customize and can be used for so many different occasions. Look what magic you can create with just a little time and a few supplies!


I can’t wait to see your creations!



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