tck party // every little thing she does is magic

We finally got to celebrate Ella graduating from her last year of preschool. Come check it out!


The theme was “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” and I went heavy on the rainbows, stars, and whimsy. I always do a big, decorative showstopper for these parties and this time, I did two! The more, the merrier and whimsier!



As I’m planning out these parties, I sometimes get supplies that inspire me but I have no idea how I’ll use them. That’s exactly what happened with the paper fans on the mantle. I put them together the night before the party, still unsure how I could incorporate them. And then, like so many other times, a crystal clear idea came to me on the day of the party. And I love how this display turned out! And I got to incorporate the DIY ribbons to tie it all together.


The second showstopper was in this backdrop in the basement and that’s where I really focused on the rainbows and magic.

Another fun decorative feature was the Const-Ella-tion of pictures from all of Ella’s year in preschool.


I love doing photo displays at the kids’ parties and as I was combing through the pictures we’ve taken over the years, I realized we had a lot of the same pictures each year. Ella in front of the fireplace on her first day, Ella and I walking into her school for the first time, and Ella taking in her classroom.

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The fun pun was an added bonus!


Next were the activities. This is normally the most stressful part for me but since it was just us, I knew I could come up with something Ella would love. She always loves a photo booth so I just had to put props and a backdrop together.


How great is that fringe banner?! (Side note: my husband thought the “Congratulations” banner said “long eat what long” so we’ll be getting him a new glasses prescription.)

I also put a craft together that is so easy to do. I cut out shapes from cardstock (shooting stars and rainbows) and gathered a bunch of craft supplies the kids could use to decorate them. Crayons, cut up tissue paper, pom poms, glue, etc. You can use anything you have on hand and make it more festive by putting the supplies in cute bowls.

And Matthew is always in charge of the food (he makes THE best pulled pork in America) but if you remember, the initial inspiration for the party theme was the birthday cake from Milk Bar. I added my own decorations to celebrate Ella and it was the most whimsical, delicious cake ever.

Processed with VSCO with fv5 preset

Processed with VSCO with fv5 preset

It perfectly matched our whimsical, beautiful little girl.

This project started out as a way to celebrate something special that quarantine took from us. But it’s become this strange blessing; I got to do things I wouldn’t have thought to do otherwise. I can’t wait for this cloud that’s been over us to pass but until it does, here’s to making our own sunshine. Our own magic.




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