tck photography // fourth of july

Happy Fourth of July, friends!

We’re celebrating America’s birthday and my favorite way to do that? Dress the part, of course!



That goes for the house, too.


I’ve never really decorated the house for July 4th before but I always try to get the kids in red, white, and blue at some point. It’s normally for our Sunday Best and it’s the hardest Sunday Best of the year because like Ella said to me the other morning, “Red isn’t really my style, Mom.” But we’ve made it work!

You can tell that red isn’t really Ella’s thing because she’s worn the same red dress for a few years now (including this year).

But this is how I like to celebrate and make memories with the kids. So once a year, we get decked out in star-spangled colors and let freedom ring.


Have a happy and safe holiday!








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