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We’ve been in our house for a little over a year and the playroom is finally taking shape! I have wanted to do a pink and blue gallery wall, well, for like ever.


And a couple weeks ago, I finally put it all together. I’m someone who has to have an idea for a long time before I build up the energy and confidence to start. But then, once I start, I always wonder why I took so long!


I’ve done a few gallery walls in the homes we’ve lived in and this one is by far my favorite. Whimsical and playful with my favorite photos of the kids and prints I’ve been collecting or wanting for years all together in one spot. It’s completely enhanced this space.

If you’re working on a kids space or want to try a gallery wall, here are my TCK Tips:


Since I had already chosen a color scheme for the playroom (pink and blue), I knew I wanted the gallery wall to match. I like color schemes because they give you a place to start and make choosing art much easier. I debated between having the frames be all one color or a mix of different ones I even did a poll on my Instagram stories and the majority voted for different color frames but when I started doing the layout, figuring out how to orient all the different pictures in the different frames was kind of overwhelming. So I went with all white frames and I really love how it turned out.


I decided from the beginning that my gallery wall would have prints of all different sizes so that does make the layout trickier to figure out. My tip is to put your favorite pictures in the middle and then work your way out, trying to balance the sizes/colors/mediums on each side.

And part of balancing each side is mixing up vertical and horizontal pictures. I had more vertical prints so I chose to use some floating frames to orient them horizontally.


There are so many different types of gallery walls you can do, it really just depends on your preference. Need some ideas? Click here. I like the freedom in kid spaces because you can be a little less reserved and a lot more playful!


This is the most fun part for me! I’ve had my eye on a lot of these prints for a while. You can even see some in my planning post for this room.


You can really go outside the box in kid spaces so I wanted to use different mediums. Prints, photographs, flags, and canvases are good places to start. You can also add shelves  or peg racks to display decor and sentimental objects.


I love having quotations in a gallery wall, especially ones I want the kids to see. I feel like they can quietly set the tone for the space.



I got really lucky that when I finally started putting this gallery wall together, my favorite frames went on major clearance. But another great way to get inexpensive frames is to go to thrift stores. I also love making my own designs and printing them out myself.


Gallery walls look like a lot of work but it’s actually a really fun and creative process. I created a loose layout on the floor but you really can’t know how things will look best until you start. A lot of my layout changed as I got started and it was like putting together a big, beautiful puzzle. Wanting it to be perfect kept me from starting for a long time and you really should just go for it. That’s my number one tip. Especially in kid spaces, there are no rules! Gallery walls are big statements and this one is saying “Time to Play.” Will do!





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