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A lot of things have been strange about this year but one thing I’m familiar with is a summer pregnancy. I was pregnant all summer with Ella and summers in Atlanta are notoriously hot and humid. Now for my second time being pregnant during the worst season of the year (why do people like summer?! I’ll never understand), I’ve been a little better prepared. Here’s my TCK guide to surviving pregnancy in the summer:


Dresses have been my number one go-to these past few months. They grow with you, I’ve been wearing the same two dresses ever since I started showing.

They are so much more comfortable than maternity shorts or pants because they don’t put any pressure on your stomach. And smocked dresses are great because you don’t necessarily have to get them in maternity sizes so you can wear them after pregnancy. They’re nursing friendly too!

You can find some great options here!



These are the things I keep with me at all times: my water bottle and portable fan. And I never go outside with my hat and sunglasses- they protect your skin and keep you much cooler. Here’s a picture of Ella pretending to be me- all she’s missing is the water bottle, haha!




My saving grace this summer has been water activities. We are fortunate to have a neighborhood pool but you can fill up a baby pool or use a sprinkler, which we have also done. These are kid friendly activities and take a lot of time. Win-win!

And sometimes, all you can do is just distract yourself. Pregnancy during any season is a weird waiting game and doing things to take your mind off of it is really helpful. For me, that’s been home projects.

Now for my number one tip: multiples. Is there something you use a lot or always find yourself needing to grab? Get multiples of it. Maybe it’s something I’ve already mentioned, like a water bottle. For me, that’s long phone chargers. I keep one in my bedroom, the living room, and the playroom. This way I’m not constantly having to go around the house unnecessarily. Remember, pregnancy brain is real! It’s easier to have what you need in multiple spots than remembering to take it with you all the time. And then when you’re out of this stage, you can keep these chargers on hand for guests.


And my last tip is kind of random– my husband thinks it’s very weird but it works! I discovered this idea by accident actually. I air dry most of my clothes and when we were packing for our beach trip last week, I needed to wash the dress I planned to wear during the drive. It wasn’t completely dry when it was time to go but it actually felt great! It wasn’t dripping wet, of course, but it was still cool to the touch. So I didn’t get hot during the last minute hustle getting into the car. Genius, right?! Or do you agree with Matthew? Let me know if you try this!

Have you ever had a summer pregnancy? What helped you through it? Let me know in the comments or come say hi on Instagram and Facebook!



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