tck diy // gift wrapping

It’s not on the official list but gift-giving is definitely one of my major love languages. I love finding the perfect little something. And then packaging it all prettily is the cherry on top.

I had been collecting Ella’s birthday gifts slowly all summer and so far, she’s loved each one. I like to do a mix of toys, books, and some sentimental keepsake that she can appreciate more as she grows.

I’m not the best at gift wrapping but adding embellishments does a lot to hide that!

I incorporated the usual trim (yarn, bows, etc.) but added trinkets as well, Some even doubled as gifts, like the “E” key chain and the “6” necklace. And for the Cuddle and Kind doll, I didn’t want to just stuff it in a bag but I didn’t think actually wrapping it would look good. So I added a bow and necklace to make it more special.

I love these extra touches! The presents are for her but adding more beauty and magic is a little gift for me too.



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