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Last year, I didn’t get around to decorating Ella’s room until October 30th. Having so many birthdays in October makes Halloween a little bit of an afterthought and it’s never been my favorite holiday. But since Ella and Jack have gotten older and I’ve discovered so many great small shops (including my favorite, Ellie & Piper Co) and finishing Ella’s room decor over the summer, I couldn’t wait to get started on this spooky makeover. Come check it out!

I love how pink has made its way into Halloween decor– and with the amount of pink and peach tones in Ella’s room, all I had to do was add some black here and there to get major Halloween vibes.

Let me take you around the room. First up, the bookshelves.

These are a recent addition to Ella’s room and I love them! They’ll be a great spot to customize for every season and holiday.

These wall hooks are another great customizable decor piece.

I didn’t change much to make it Halloween-friendly, just added the “Bewitched” garland and black cape.

No matter the season or decor, the first thing you see when you enter Ella’s room is her bed (and canopy) and the peach wallpaper. They’re all pink and gold so here is where I added the most black. I even turned some of the peaches into jack-o-lanterns!

Then there’s the wall hanging I made of Ella’s Halloween bows. I had this idea back in September and I love seeing it come to life!

Of course, my favorite part of these pictures are the kids in their matching Halloween pajamas!

Look at them with their baby sister!

The most shocking part of these photos was how much fun Jack had and that led to never before seen levels of cooperation from him.

I love that Halloween is more than just one day; it’s a whole season! Wishing you all a wonderful end to the best month of the year!



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