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Who doesn’t know what they’re doing for Halloween?!

We’ve been celebrating all month so if you’re at a loss on how to make this week special and spooky, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some ideas to get in the Halloween spirit.

Home Decor

It’s not too late to decorate! I went all out decorating Ella’s room this year but last year, I didn’t do it until the day before Halloween and she was still delighted (see how easy it was here!) I think seasonal decorating, while it requires some thought and effort, brings so much joy and whimsy to the home.

Click here to see the full tour of Ella’s Spooky Bedroom Makeover.

Matching Pajamas

Now is actually a good time to look for Halloween gear- it will be marked down and you can still use it for this year and next.

I am obsessed with these pajama sets and like our Christmas pajamas, they will definitely get used year round.


This is how we kicked off Fall and it was so easy to put together. Make it extra special with a fun table setting and unexpected s’mores toppings like Reese’s and Hershey kisses.


There are about a million Halloween crafts you can do. You can paint haunted houses (we got this one), make ghosts out of yarn, you name it. This year, I made broomsticks and wands for my kids.

You can find the tutorial for this broomstick here.

The wands were really easy- just make poms and add whatever you want!

You wouldn’t think there’s much to celebrate this year but I think trials and difficulties make celebrating that much more important. It doesn’t have to be complicated or elaborate to make a big deal out of these childhood moments. And that’s honestly what TCK is all about– making the most of childhood.

I hope you all have a great last week of October! Let me know how you celebrate!



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