tck diy // my black history book

Happy March! I’m so grateful that Spring is just around the corner! Before we completely move on though, I wanted to share something I made for Ella for Black History Month. This year was the most time I’ve ever dedicated to Black History and it was such a special time for me and my family.

We talked about all the wonderful accomplishments of those who came before us- the sacrifices, the victories, the magic. I wanted to make something special for Ella to commemorate this time but also so that she could see her place in Black History.

For all of our Black History Month activities, I really just did whatever I was inspired to do. And two priorities jumped out: connecting my kids to their extended and eternal family and building their confidence.

I wanted to teach them about these great people and significant events but it was more important to me that they knew this was their legacy. They can do great things too.

This book was part-keepsake and part-activity for Ella. She’ll always know how special I think she is and I want her to know that for herself too.

If you’re wanting to make your own history book or start celebrating Black History in your home, you can go to my Amazon storefront for my favorite craft supplies and Black History books for kids.

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