tck diy // easter egg painting

Time for the newest curated craft station! We started this tradition last year and the kids had so much fun that I had to bring it back.

But this year I added a little twist: I gave the kids this coupon book of fun activities they can redeem in the days leading up to Easter and today was “spring craft.” I got to keep a tradition going and use up one of their coupons- a win-win!

I used pretty much the same craft supplies as last year- wooden eggs, paint, sequins, and confetti- but I wanted the decor and presentation to be different. Keep it special and new! So I made a new table setting and backdrop.

Want this look? Layer table runners (I like for one to be paper– great for messy projects!) and sprinkle confetti over the finished product.

Now for the backdrop! I loved making these paper flowers- that’s right, they’re paper! Check my Instagram for the tutorial! I wanted to do something reminiscent of the paper fans last year but still unique. And these honeycomb bunnies were the perfect final touch.

And once everything was all set up, all I needed were some happy kids ready to make some magic.

Aren’t their shirts adorable?! They’re from Wild Mae Design Co.

I’ve been looking back at the photos of this activity last year and it’s crazy how much has changed. The pandemic had just started, I was getting over my morning sickness and just wanted to get out of the first trimester funk. Something pretty and fun was just what I needed then and I’m so grateful to get to recreate special, curated moments. It’s such a magical way to make memories.

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