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Mother’s Day is coming up! Are you ready? It’s a very special weekend to celebrate the important women in your life and/or receive a lot of love for yourself, moms. Some extra kisses and homemade cards from your kids are enough, sure, but maybe we deserve just a little bit extra after this past year, amirite?! So if you need help finding a gift or don’t know what you want yourself, you’ve come to the right place- I’ve come up with a few DIYs, sentimental gifts, and some great finds for the mamas in your life this year.

Mother’s Day Brunch

With early morning church and three little kids, breakfast in bed normally happens a little later in the day for me. No worries, though! This year I had my own fun and put together a beautiful Mother’s Day brunch tablescape. Lots of pinks, flowers, pretty plates, and a place at the table for each of my favorite people. The pretty table setting is my gift to myself- not having to prepare any of the food can be my family’s gift to me!

Table setting and decor from GenWoo Artisan Party Shop and Ellie and Piper!

Mommy & Me Outfits

What is more fun than matching with your kids?! Nothing. The correct answer is nothing. So treat yourself to some special Mother’s Day photos you will cherish for years to come. I’ve put together some of my favorite Mommy & Me outfits below!

Mom Power Bell

You guys know I’m obsessed with girl power so naturally on Mother’s Day, we’ve got to celebrate Mom Power. And how can you be queen for a day without a little handbell? So if you find yourself needing a drink refill or a blanket while you binge your favorite show or some snuggles from your little ones, it’s all just a ring away!

Mother of the Yearbook

I absolutely love photo gifts. They are the perfect personal keepsake. I thought a fun twist for Mother’s Day would be to make a little Yearbook with all the superlatives fit for the moms in your life. Best Laugh, Most Likely to Kiss Ouchies, Most Magical– the possibilities are endless and totally customizable. I can fill the book really easily with prints from MyPostcard! MyPostcard is your go-to app for creating and sending postcards using your own photos. They also have photo books, framed prints, and different types of photo prints you can design (which is what I ordered to make this yearbook). I loved using it for this project because I could add text directly to the pictures- genius, right?! Keep scrolling to the end to see another way I used this fun app!

Personalized Gifts

We all wear a lot of hats, have a lot of responsibilities, and do way too many jobs. What are we? Moms, mamas, mommies, mothers. Wear that title proudly! I’m obsessed with personalized gifts and I have found some great ways to show of your mama-pride.

Motherhood Prize Ribbons

Remember these DIY ribbons I made for Ella last year? Well, I’ve been jealous of them ever since! So I put a new spin on them for Mother’s Day and I absolutley plan on wearing one on this Sunday. I loved creating the flower shaped ribbons to make these a little more feminine and sweet. Another DIY that you can make personal with whatever award you’d like to give to your favorite mama.

Mother’s Day Postcard

How classic is a postcard?! I love these postcards from MyPostcard because they have so many beautiful designs and you can personalize them with your own photos and messages. You can use the app to create a card-postcard, greeting card, or audio card- and they will print and send it! Wouldn’t you love getting a physical card in the mail? Such a timeless, meaningful gift. And MyPostcard makes it easy and convenient but thoughtful and special, too. Take a look at some of my favorite card designs!

I am so grateful for motherhood and this opportunity we have to celebrate it, to celebrate the women most important to us! How do you celebrate? What have been your favorite gifts to receive and to give? Let me know in the comments or on TCK’s Instagram and Facebook! I can’t wait to hear from you, I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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