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School’s out for summer! And I wanted to make my kids feel extra special with their own graduation caps, made by me. You want to make one?! Here’s what you’ll need:

I normally just use cardboard from packages that come to our house– ever since Jack’s most recent birthday party, I’ve made a habit of cutting the flaps off of boxes to use for crafts. So I used two flaps I had on hand and cut them down to the size I wanted. I wanted these graduation caps to have more of a party hat fit so they’re smaller than if you want the cap to go around your child’s head. I poked a tiny hole in the center of each square so that there would be a place for the tassel. Then I painted the tops and added stickers with my favorite graduation puns.

Now for the tassels! Just take some yarn, wrap it several times around a small book (children’s board books work great). Cut one of the ends so you have a bunch of strips of yarn. Then fold the strips in half all together and tie another piece of yarn around the folded strips so that there’s a loop at the top. Then pull another long piece of yarn through the loop and a tie a knot at the top. You can then use the ends of the yarn you pulled through to connect the tassel to the graduation cap. Pull the yarn through the hole you poked earlier and knot it on the other side so it won’t come back out. I added printables and card stock shapes to the tassels to make them a little extra special.

For the cap, just cut two identical strips of card stock and staple both ends together to make a circle in whatever size you need. Hot glue it to the bottom of the cardboard square.

I hot glued ribbon and yarn to our caps so that they could be tied on to Ella and Jack’s heads. I love how they turned out!

We had an impromptu Lemons Into Lemonade celebration in honor of the Back to School Brunch we had back in August. You can see pictures over on The Curated Kids Instagram. Come say hi!

How are you celebrating the end of this school year? Let me know in the comments!

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