tck home // patriotic bedroom reveal

Time to party like it’s 1776!

I’ve been decorating Ella’s room for holidays here and there ever since she was born but I’ve loved these complete room transformations we’ve been doing over the past year. And this July 4th room has got to be one of my very favorites!

First, let’s start with the kids’ pajamas. I’m obsessed with them!

So simple but go perfectly with the bold backdrop. The quality is also amazing and the kids loved running around in them.

I love how their sweet personalities and relationships come out in these photo sessions!

And look at baby CK!

One thing I love about doing these pajama & holiday photo series is that I can track how she changes each time.

Let’s talk balloons- I obviously love them! They create such an impact without a ton of work or money. I found the large blue numbers on Amazon and the star balloons as well. I had very specific colors in mind and when I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, I just used spray paint! It actually worked better than I thought it would.

There are also a few DIYs in here. I’ve already shared details on the tote bag, noise maker, and pom American flag, if you want to check those out! I wanted to do a range of decor, accessories, and toys for Ella and Jack to use for years to come.

And one of my favorite ways to decorate are these seasonal bow boards! I was majorly inspired by this garland from my fave Ellie & Piper and there are so many other great small shops are represented here. Which bow is your favorite?!

I’ve been playing around with Ella’s bookshelf, using July 4th and Juneteenth as inspiration, and couldn’t decide which version was my favorite! Here’s a look at both:

Garlands, balloons, bows, and books are some of my favorite ways to easily incorporate seasonal decor. I love turning these holidays into seasons for us all to enjoy. How are you celebrating the 4th? Let me know in the comments or come say on Instagram or Facebook!

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