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If you’re lucky, you still have a few weeks before Back to School season. My daughter started school on Monday and Jack goes back to preschool next week so we had to do our Back to School party in July. Horrible, right? But if I learned anything from last year, it’s to turn lemons into lemonade– that was the theme of our BTS party last year and I decided to keep the fruit theme going. Not with apples but with something more fitting for our Georgia home: Peach for the Stars!

I decided to have the party in Ella’s bedroom since it’s the peachy keenest and I thought it would be fun to switch things up. And I was wrong! I will never do another party in here again! But the kids looooooooved it. Seriously, everyday they ask if we can have a picnic in Ella’s room again. The answer is no but I’m glad they enjoyed it. Magical memories: check.

The main elements of our back to school party were the food, decor, and DIYs. Let’s start with the food!

My kids don’t actually like peaches so I had to get creative with the food. Since I incorporated stars into the theme, I knew I could use star shaped cookie cutters for the sandwiches and fruit and I added star sprinkles to our party popcorn.

The one benefit to having the party in Ella’s room was a lot of the peach decor was already taken care of. I put together this fun table setting with supplies from my fave, Ellie and Piper.

I also had the cutest printable from my friend Jessica at Dear Jane Paper. It’s been the perfect addition to our back to school festivities, here’s a closer look:

Jessica’s is offering this printable as a freebie! Download it here! And check out her other work on her website!

Making a table setting for me is really about trial and error. I gather different decor that could work and mix everything around until I like what I’ve created. The same goes for the backdrop I made, which I’m calling a peach chandelier.

I took peach colored balloons and lanterns and cut paper leaves. Then I added gold yarn and this star curtain to fill it out. So simple but I love how it turned out!

I’ve made so many DIYs for this back to school season (coping mechanism, anyone?), here’s a sneak peek at some of my favorites:

A back to school party is the perfect way to make what might be a stressful time into a celebration. Parties go with everything!

Are you planning a back to school party? Let me know in the comments or come say hi on Facebook and Instagram!

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