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My kids are both in school and I loved surprising them with these fun baskets! These are perfect to hand out at a back to school party or breakfast or -my favorite- as a way to welcome them home from their first day. I love filling mine with books, trinkets, craft supplies, some DIYs made with love, and a few things they can use at school. Keep scrolling for all the inspo!

First, you need a cute basket. This is my second year using this crate for Ella but another idea could be to use an actual backpack, like this one from Coco Village!

I love this back to school collection and I have a code to share! Just use CURATEDKIDS25 for 25% off anything in this collection until 08/15! Ella was so excited about this water bottle, it would be a great addition to a back to school basket.

I like to decorate the baskets as well- this printable is from my friend Jessica at Dear Jane Paper and it added another sweet touch.

Since Ella is getting older, I added a few new categories this year: this watch to count her steps and this chart for her to make and keep track of her goals for the year.

It can be hard finding boy-appropriate trinkets but I actually had a lot of fun putting Jack’s basket together! There are some great books and I’m verrrry slowly starting to trust him with art supplies. Oh and he’s been wearing this hat nonstop since he got it, it’s the cutest!

Do you do back to school baskets? What do you put in yours? Let me know in the comments or come say hi on Instagram and Facebook!

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