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Sweet Caroline is almost one! The big day is officially tomorrow but we celebrated Caroline this past weekend with a French patisserie-themed party.

So, why a patisserie? For the first birthday, it can be hard to decide a theme around the baby’s interests because, well, she’s a baby! So I always do the theme surrounding their names. “Sweet Caroline” was the perfect title but how to make it more specific? More magical? That’s when I had the idea to go with a french patisserie/tea party vibe.

I made a French neighborhood out of poster and foam boards with craft embellishments I already had. My favorite details are the little outfits hanging from the clothesline and our miniature family standing in front of the patisserie window!

This project was definitely out of my comfort zone– I like to cut, glue, and paint my crafts! Drawing has never been my thing but I found a lot of great reference images and we all know I’m unfailingly loyal to any crazy idea I have. And party planning in general used to be out of my comfort zone so what’s one more thing?!

And what’s a patisserie birthday party without treats?! I arranged cupcakes, cookies and meringues on different cake plates with different cake toppers to add some more whimsy.

A lot of the table decor is from my favorite party supplies shop, Ellie and Piper, but I found some goodies on Etsy and Amazon too. Scroll through the links below to shop!

Another important part of a first birthday party are the pictures! I love tracking how my baby has grown during his or her first year and it’s fun to see the milestone pictures all together.

Here’s a confession: I do not have the patience for big, elaborate balloon garlands. Do glue dots even work?! If you’re like me, pictures are a great way to cover any blank spaces. I taped prints to painted doilies to match the sweet theme.

This tissue garland was another great decor element! They make a big impact and you can customizse them to fit your theme. Use code GFFRIENDS for 10% off!

I love how sweet and simple the first birthday is. For me, it’s about celebrating this magical new person in your life and this new relationship. And a patisserie birthday party was the only thing sweet enough for darling little Caroline.

What’s your next party coming up? Let’s talk about it in the comments or come say hi on Instagram and Facebook!

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