tck halloween // diy confetti bat wings

Oh bats! Who says Halloween has to be scary? It can be pretty and spooky and these confetti bat wings are here to prove it!

Are you Team Storebought or Team DIY when it comes to Halloween costumes? I normally buy our costumes but thought it would be fun to try making our own Halloween dress up accessories.

Here’s what you need to make your own diy halloween costume, bat wing edition:

1. Wire

2. Adhesive Vinyl

3. Confetti

4. Scissors & Pliers

5. Ribbon/Yarn/Trim of your choice

First, using pliers or your hands, fold the wire into bat wing shape. Then lay it on top of a flat sheet of the adhesive vinyl, sticky side up. Leave some of the wire sticking out so that you can connect the wings to each other.Then sprinkle confetti over the vinyl, evenly spreading it out.

Then place another piece of vinyl over the confetti, sticky side down. Then cut the extra vinyl off around the wire so that is in the same shape. Repeat this process for the second wing. Use the extra wire you left out to connect the wings. Then using ribbon/yarn/trim of your choice, attach straps to the wings. I used hot glue but you could probably use staples or tape!

What do you think? Are diy halloween costumes the way to go?

Are you making any Halloween DIYs this year? Let me know in the comments or come say hi on Instagram and Facebook!

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