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It’s that time of year again! I’ve been decorating Ella’s room for Halloween for a couple years now and it’s one of my favorite traditions. I love the transformation from peachy keen to spooky cute!

I think it’s easiest to decorate a room in sections. It’s less overwhelming than tackling the whole space at once! For this Halloween decor reveal, here are the sections I focused on: back wall, hooks and shelves, bedspread, and of course, the curated bow board! The Halloween bow board is special because that was the very first one I did.

A while ago, I made this streamer ghost for a mini Halloween makeover of Caroline’s nursery. You can find the tutorial on Plum NYC’s blog here!

I loved the idea so much that I wanted to make more. So for the back wall section, the ombre streamer ghosts were born!

Another favorite detail is the bedding. I am obsessed with the letter pillows and the star bedspread from Frank+Lulu! It was perfect for this room transformation, I love the glint of gold. Use code CURATEDKIDS for $15 off a purchase at Frank+Lulu of $99 or more!

Take a tour of the rest of the Halloween decor reveal!

Do you like doing photo shoots with your kids? I promise they can be fun! The only times they’ve been difficult for me are when I have too many specific photos and poses in mind beforehand. Of course you want to get good pictures but you also want the smiles to be real and the memories to be good! So I ask for a few poses but it’s more fun for everyone to just capture them playing and being silly. I also look up appropriate jokes to tell them ahead of time which they really love.

And when you’re done, you should celebrate! I always let the kids jump on the bed for a bit when we’re done, it ends things on a fun and playful note.

I love celebrating holidays with photos, pajamas, and whimsical decor! Such a fun way to remember this time of our lives. Happy Halloween!

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