TCK Photo // Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!

I love holidays, I love America, and I really love a dress code so today is a win-win-win for me. But before I get to the kids’ Independence Day outfits, I thought I would share our years of celebrating July 4th as a little family unit. I like looking back and seeing how much we’ve changed.

Ella’s First July 4th


Ella’s Second


We were in Switzerland and Matthew had to work but I still wanted to mark the day.

Jack’s First

Clearly, I have a go-to shirt for July 4th. It’s just too perfect not to!

Jack’s Second


I really loved our Independence Day Sunday Best this year. Ella in her overalls and Jack’s shoes– it is too fun dressing these kids up.

Ella doesn’t wear a lot of red but when I was packing for us to come stay with my parents, I fortunately remembered we would be here for July 4th. She’s had this romper for a while and the stars and stripes must have been made for this holiday. Pretty much all of Jack’s clothes are some combination of red and blue so I had a lot of options for him today. And Ella’s old enough to recognize the flag; every time we pass one she points to it and says, “There’s an America flag!” I love getting to share these moments with them and add something special to the day by dressing them up. Making memories in cute clothes is my favorite thing.

I hope all of you are able to enjoy this day with people you love. Happy Independence Day!



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