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“It’s hard to say goodbye.”

We left Wilmington on Friday, after a wonderful few days with my in-laws, and it was difficult to get the kids into the car. Honestly, I didn’t want to get in. As we drove down their street and out of their neighborhood, Ella said what we all were probably thinking: “It’s hard to say goodbye.”

Yesterday, we said goodbye to my own grandma. Her funeral service was short and the day was long with painful parts and surprising moments of levity. When Ella asked questions, I explained as best as I could. A funeral is a special church service where we say goodbye. We had to say goodbye to my Grandma, but just for now. We put bodies in the ground but our spirits go to be with Heavenly Father. Here, she had the best, most Ella response: “But why do we put bodies in the ground? It’s not fun to be in the ground with all the creatures.”

I’ll be honest, it was difficult having her and Jack there with us. A few meltdowns during the car ride and a few more afterwards. We couldn’t visit with people for as long or hear everything that was said during the service or explore my dad’s childhood home as freely. But I’m grateful for the opportunities I had yesterday. To be with my family, hug my dad, reclaim forgotten memories, and create new tender ones with my kids. Another gift from my grandma, whom I love very, very much. It’s hard to say goodbye.

Happy Sunday, everybody.



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