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Who’s ready for Back to School 2021?! Last year was our first year with a child in elementary school and what a way to start. So much uncertainty and so many changes– the only way to go forward was to celebrate it as best I could. But even with things more settled down this time around, I want to keep the Back to School traditions going for a few reasons. First of all, why not? Moments, big and small, should be celebrated. And secondly, because growing up can be scary so I want to infuse as much magic into these milestones as possible. Who’s with me?!

Are you wanting to start this year off on a magical, curated foot too? Here are some ideas!

And if you’re needing help with those supply lists, you can scroll through some of my favorites Back to School supplies below:

Back to School can be a really busy and stressful time. So many checklists and appointments, not to mention the emotional toll of sending these little ones out into the world! So while celebrating this time might seem counterintuitive or like unnecessary work, for me it makes this stressful process more enjoyable. I loved getting new school clothes and supplies when I was a kid and part of that was getting to make my new supplies my own. And celebrating is just another way to make Back to School your own. And even if it’s just grabbing ice cream after getting everything on the supply list or putting stickers on binders, there are so many ways to make this transition from summer to school just a little more magical.

Did you grow up with Back to School traditions? Do you have anything planned for this year? Let me know in the comments or come say hi on Instagram and Facebook!

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